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Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
in the middle. is that closer to what mr. obama wants, or closer tort republicans? that may be the question. but he was re-elected president, not king and he has to give a little bit. >> brian, i want to go to you. we can't talk about the futures without talking to you. talk to us about the usual spike ahead of a weekend and ahead of a week where we do see one trading day off. >> yeah, a lot of nervousness in the market. absolutely into the close. especially vix futures. really spiking hard in the last 15 minutes of trading here. a lot of bearish bets put on the spiders. whether it was a bear bet outright or protecting their portfolio. a lot of stops getting kicked in. 1390 in the emini future was a critical level. stops kicked in, set the market lower here, i think what came out of the meeting is nothing unexpected. we didn't expect them to have a deal here today and we didn't get one. so this is not unusual. certainly setting up some negativity in the market here. to mike's point, i don't see what gets cut here that makes the market go significantly higher. use caution here in the market.
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm EST
barack obama. the highest ranking female, angela merkel. then mr. putin of russia. bill gates, pope benedict, ben bernanke, saudi king. more on how the list was assembled and other details, forbes media ceo, mike, thanks for being with us. >> this is important to us because nothing personifies what we do at forbes like our power list. we're about success and the impact of people who achieve success have. we have ten editors who get together. we draw on a huge bank -- >> they always agree on everything. don't they? >> exactly. there is some subjectivity, i must admit. they talk about the number of people that someone influences. the amount of financial resources that they have. how many spheres they operate in, are they just financial or are tle political or philanthropic. the fourth criteria is do they act on their power, do they use their power. and if you look at -- >> that's the reason why bill gates would rank so high here is how he has used some of his financial power in the philanthropic sphere. it was interesting to me, "forbes" magazine, leading business magazine, most stori
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am EST
it change when mr. carney takes over? is he the right man >> on paper he's a central banker and as i wrote over the weekend, he like governor king has incredible toughness, work ethic, sxermt teaexpertise. but that's not everything. because if that was the case, everything would be wonderful. one would hope the bank of england governor has those qualities. so the question is can he work effectively with the banking vukts. we have a committee structure now for financial policy and for prudential regulation which the bank of canada does not. more importantly, when you say what are they going dto do, the challenges mr. carney faced as governor of the huang of england were frankly much easier. he deserves credit for not messing it up, but you had a commodity economy with good demographics where the banking system was safe because they had already been through a horrendous financial crisis a few years before and had locked everything down. and then capital in-flows. so nothing that bad could happen to the -- i don't mean to make light of his record, but it's a different set of challenges than w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3